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Buy Silver Bullion Online

If you’re looking to buy silver bullion online at a great price, Guidance Corporation offers a convenient service. We have a large variety of coins and silver bullion for sale, and we have the connections to find any silver coin you’re hoping to buy, even if it’s not listed on our site. With Guidance Corporation, you’ll be working with silver experts who value your future, and work to provide you with the best service and price possible.

While gold is certainly the most coveted of precious metals, many investors prefer adding silver bullion to diversity their holdings or as a good starter option. Raw silver coins continue to be a popular investment and means of protecting wealth.

Start by browsing our silver bullion coins below, and reach out with any questions.

All silver prices are updated in real time, in accordance with current spot prices.

15 Silver Eagle Set

Complete 35 Coin U.S. Silver American Eagle Set – 1986-2020

This silver coin set includes all U.S. American Silver Eagle coins from 1986 to 2020. All are in MS69 condition and sure to please you.

Silver Eagles Mint Sealed Box

American Eagles Mint Sealed Box (Monster Box)

Made of 1 ounce 99.9% pure silver, this is one of the best selling coins in America. Enhance your precious metals investment by adding 500 ounces of American silver!

American Eagle Silver Bullion

American Eagles

American Silver Eagles Coins are the the main silver option produced by the US Mint. These coins consist of .999 silver purity, and have a face value of just $1 USD. The coins feature images of Lady Liberty on the obverse as well as the American Bald Eagle on the reverse side of the coin. Although the coin is still being produced, the design never changes and it’s only available in a 1 Troy Ounce size.

Buy Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Minnesota

Canadian Maple Leaf 

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are as popular as any silver coin available today, and is just one of many desirable Canadian silver coins. These coins include generally the same design concept each year, which includes a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and a grand Maple Leaf.

Buy Half Dollar MN

U.S. Silver Coins (Halves dated 1965-1969)

The Kennedy half dollar was first minted in 1964 to commemorate President John F. Kennedy after his assassination in 1963. JFK half dollars are only produced each year for the annual coin sets and other numismatic products.

Buy US Silver Coins MN

U.S. Silver Coins (Pre-1965)

$1,000 bag of dimes, quarters, and/or half dollars (or a mixture of these) based on current stock. You may receive a bag of all dimes, all quarters, all half dollars, or a combination of any two or three of them.


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 We can also create gold and silver coin sets with any mix of denominations and designs.