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American Silver Eagle

American Silver Eagle

Buy American Silver Eagle Coins Online

American Silver Eagles Coins are the the main silver option produced by the US Mint. These coins consist of .999 silver purity, and have a face value of just $1 USD. The coins have images of Lady Liberty as well as the American Bald Eagle on the reverse side of the coin. Although the coin is still being produced, the design never changes and it’s only available in a 1 Troy Ounce size.

If you’re looking to buy American Silver Eagle Coins online, Guidance Corporation can help. Our silver eagle coins are inspected by independent specialists to guarantee purity, and we have the resources to track down any specific silver coin you’re looking for. You can also buy silver eagles in convenient sets. Start by browsing our American Silver Eagle Coins below, and reach out if you want us to find a specific coin that isn’t listed.

All prices are updated in real time, in accordance with current silver spot prices.

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American Silver Eagles For Sale

American Silver Eagles are among the most popular silver coins for investors and collectors. After being authorized for production by the Liberty Coin Act of 1985, these valuable and collectible coins have been available for purchase in proof and bullion versions since 1986. We have a regular supply of bullion American Silver Eagles for sale, but can also help you find any year or proof version you’re searching for.

American Silver Eagle Coins History

A bullion American Silver Eagle has been released by the US Mint every year since 1986. These coins feature the same design each time, which includes lady liberty on the obverse and an Eagle on the reverse.

The depiction of Lady Liberty isn’t the typical Statue of Liberty, it is instead a left-profile image of her walking towards a setting sun while wearing an American flag on her shoulders. As with dollar bills, the national motto of “In God We Trust” is engraved on the bottom. This is a design that was originally created for the nation’s half-dollar coin in 1916.

A small variation does exist in the proof coins, which were also released in 1986. The design includes a mint mark on the reverse side, and is otherwise the same design on each side.

In 2006, as a celebration of the coin’s 20th anniversary, a burnished coin was introduced. Despite having a brief production suspension, it is currently back in production.

Silver Eagle Coin Sets

One of our popular products in our silver eagle coin sets, including a variety of silver eagles that are great for investors and collectors alike.

We have a regular inventory of these sets and can provide more detail if needed via contacting us.

Buying American Silver Eagle Coins From Guidance Corporation

Guidance Corporation is a Licensed Gold and Silver Coin Dealer with over 35 years of experience dealing silver American coins. Anyone around the world who’s hoping to buy an American Silver Eagle can trust us to provide them with excellent service, a great price, and the right coin. Contact us with any questions about our American Silver Eagles, or to help you find a specific coin that isn’t listed on the site.

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