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US Silver Dollars

Buy U.S. Silver Dollars Online

Prior to 1936, the United States regularly produced silver dollars with 90% silver. Although it has been over 80 years since the US Mint stopped producing real silver dollar coins, they are still widely available because they were in circulation for so long. These coins offer a lot of collection value, and will also hold value for investors due to their high silver content.

If you’re looking to expand your old coin collection or want to use these coins for investment, Guidance Corporation can help. We specialize in finding hard-to-find coins, and can help you locate a specific Pre-1936 U.S. Silver Dollar upon request. When buying with us, you’re working with Silver Dollar Coin experts who value your investment and work to provide the best service and cost possible.

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Types of U.S. Silver Dollars for Sale

There are three major US silver dollars that have been produced through the 1800’s and early 1900’s. You can find each of these silver dollars:

  • Seated Liberty Silver Dollars: After being introduced in 1836, this coin continued until 1873. The design features Lady Liberty sitting on a rock on the obverse side, while the reverse featured one of two designs. Through 1865, the reverse side included only an eagle and the value of the coin. After 1866, this was changed to add the “In God We Trust” motto above the head of the Eagle.
  • Morgan Silver Dollars: This coin was introduced in 1878, and continued to be struck until 1904. The obverse of the coin featured a portrait of Lady Liberty with an image of an eagle on the reverse.
  • Peace Silver Dollars: After 17 years without official silver coins, the Peace Silver dollar was introduced in 1921 to replace the briefly-reintroduced Morgan design. The coin features a more modernized depiction of Lady Liberty of the obverse, and was inspired by the peace treaty signing at the end of World War I. The coin was halted for several years before being reintroduced in 1934, and eventually canceled in 1935.

Why Invest in U.S. Silver Dollars

Many investors are interested in U.S. Silver Dollars for two reasons: They are 90% silver, and are no longer minted. Both of these are reasons to expect value to continually increase over time. Even if the coins are no longer in great condition, it won’t minimize their 90% silver content.

Buying US Silver Dollars From Guidance Corporation

Guidance Corporation is a Licensed coin dealer with over 35 years of experience selling U.S. Silver Dollars. Anyone around the world who’s hoping to buy a 90% silver coin can trust us to provide them with excellent service, a great price, and the right coin. Contact us with any questions about our silver dollars, or to help you find a specific coin that isn’t listed on the site.