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4 Ducat Austrian and Dutch Gold Coin 1915 Restrike (AU/BU)

4 Ducat Austrian and Dutch Gold Coin 1915 Restrike (AU/BU)


The 1915 Austria Gold ducat was originally a “trade coin” issued for transactions between countries. They hold an exquisite design and high gold content.  This stunning 4 Ducat Gold Coin was produced by both the Royal Dutch Mint and the Austrian Mint in Vienna. Originating in the 12th Century, the Ducat was of the Austrian Empire’s primary forms of currency. Mintage of the Ducat ceased in 1915 due to metal shortages brought on by World War I. Each Ducat has been masterfully composed from .44 troy oz of 98.6% pure (23.75 karat) gold.

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The design for this coin offers an inspiring tribute to Austria’s proud heritage and culture. Gracing the obverse of the coin is the portrait of the Emperor Franz Joseph I, one of the country’s most celebrated rulers. The portrait depicts him in profile, garbed in his traditional military attire with a laurel wreath upon his head. From his iconic facial hair the medals that garner his uniform, viewers are certain to appreciate the detailed rendering of this historical figure. The words ” FRANC IOS I D G AVSTRIAE IPERATOR” encircle the noble Emperor’s profile.

Embossed unto the reverse side of the coin is the official Hapsburg Family Coat of Arms; the Hapsburgs were one of Europe’s most powerful dynasties, who would ultimately rule both the Austrian and Holy Roman Empires. The crest depicts a double-headed eagle upholding a large shield with its wings. In its talons, it carries a sword and an Imperial orb as references to the Austrian Coronation ceremony, suggesting the family’s divine right to become rulers. This ideal is further emphasized by the three crowns that sit above the eagle heads. Printed along the edge of the coin are the phrases “LOD ILL REX A A ” and “HVNGAR BOHEM GAL” accompanied by the coin’s denomination and mintage year.

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.4438 oz

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