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Silver Bars

Silver Bars

Silver Bullion Bars

Silver bars are a great investment option and one of the most popular silver bullion for sale. Silver is preferred over gold by many because it is very affordable, comes in a variety of styles and has nearly as great of an appreciation history as gold.

Guidance Corporation has numerous Silver Bars in stock and offers a variety of sizes and mints that may not be listed on our website. If you’re looking for a specific Silver Bar, please call us directly at: 1-800-526-7765. When buying from us, you’re working directly with licensed bullion dealers who have over 35 years of experience working with silver bullion and will guarantee you the best possible price!

All silver bullion bar prices are updated in real time, in accordance with current spot prices.

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Different Types of Silver Bars

There are a number of possible variants to consider when buying silver bars online. These include weight, styles, and origin.

Minted Ingots

Minted ingots are log cast silver bars that go through a computer operated stamping press. This leads to a precision cut, along with a very detailed stamp. Many people looking to buy silver bars online will favor these because of their unique designs.

Cast Bars

Cast bars use a less sophisticated process, simply using hand-poured casts. The designs on cast silver bars generally include only the most pertinent information.

Common Weights for Silver Bars

1 Ounce and 10 Ounce are the most common silver bars for sale, and anything smaller than 1 ounce is not very popular due to the low silver spot price.

Aside from 1 troy ounce and 10 troy ounce, silver bars also come in the following sizes:

  • 50oz Silver Bars
  • 100oz Silver Bars
  • 400oz Silver Bars

Silver Bullion Bar Designs

A large number of styles exist on silver bars, and it’s all dependent on where it’s minted. Some of the most popular silver bar designs are Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars, PAMP Suisse Silver Bars, Monarch Silver Bars, and Sunshine Bars.

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