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Reasons to buy gold now

Have you ever wondered “should I buy gold?” or “why do people buy gold?” While there are many good reasons to invest in gold or silver, there are 5 key gold investment benefits that everyone should know before they begin.

5 Reasons to Buy Gold

1. World Gold Reserves

The World Consortium of banks and foreign governments throughout the world have stopped selling their gold reserves in the world marketplace. With this shorter supply of gold being traded, gold will become more valuable and scarcer.

2. Preservation of Purchasing Power

Gold coins have traditionally performed well as a long-term store of value and purchasing power. Over long periods of time the precious yellow metal has purchased a constant basket of basic goods and services. For example, fifty years ago having thirty $20 Double Eagle gold coins would allow you to purchase a brand new car. This is still true today, even though the dollar price of a new car has skyrocketed due to inflation.

3. Profit Potential

Because U.S. gold coins have not been minted since the early 1930’s, they are true collectibles available only in limited quantities. As a result, you have two ways to profit, both through higher future gold bullion prices and by increased collector and investor demand bidding up prices for these historical treasures. This is the most well known reason to buy gold, but shouldn’t be forgotten.

4. Financial Privacy

In modern day, seemingly everything you do is closely tracked and much of it is available to the public. Antique gold coins are a rare exception, and make one of the best forms of legally private wealth. No one needs to know how many gold coins you own, or where they are stored. Antique gold coins are also a form of wealth that can easily and quietly be passed on to your heirs as a gift. Most of our clients feel that they would like to keep a certain portion of their wealth from the prying eyes of those who have access to all assets listed under their social security number. Legally, we are not required to report the purchase or sale of these coins. In fact, they are classified like fine art and crystal. Gold has been regarded as hard currency for over 5,000 years and since 1934 the U.S. Government has classified this antique gold as collectible, and thus not subject to reportability and confiscation.

5. Ease of Liquidity

Antique U.S. gold coins are some of the most liquid collectible investments available anywhere. Thousands of dealers nationwide will buy and sell these coins daily over the counter, by phone, by fax and at coin shows and auctions. These coins are internationally recognized for their rarity as well as their gold content. Guidance Corporation recommends only products that have been third party graded thus assuring a ready market both nationally and internationally.

Reasons to Buy Gold at Guidance Corporation

If you’ve decided that investing in gold or collecting coins is right for you, the question then becomes where and how to buy.

Allow us to guide you through the process. Check out Our Guarantee to learn why Guidance Corporation stands out from the rest.

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