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10 oz Silver Bar – Varied Mints – Secondary Market

10 oz Silver Bar – Varied Mints – Secondary Market


The generic 10 oz Silver bars are a vital investment into precious metals. As these Bullion bars are generic, they will vary in brand and design. Moreover, these Silver bars provide the lowest premiums as they are procured from the secondary market.

Since these are secondary market condition products, they may vary in shape and design and may also show some levels of wear. However, the purity and weight of the Silver are guaranteed to be a minimum of 10 troy ounces of pure 0.999 Silver, and any wear on the surface of the bar does not affect that value of Silver in any way. The year of issue of these silver bars, if there is one, may also vary, and as these bars come from many different time periods, some of them could have become more valuable over time.

Each of these Silver bars is inspected and secured before shipping to the buyer, making them a reliable and hassle free purchase.

Additional discount of $50.00 per Monster Box applied at checkout for purchases of 1500 oz or more. We will also provide further discounts for purchases above 60 oz of Gold or Platinum, please call 1-800-526-7765 for details. We will beat any competitor's price!


Silver bars are a popular investment option, and one of the most popular silver bullion for sale. Silver is preferred over gold by many because it is very affordable, comes in a variety of styles, and has nearly as great of a history as gold.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 10 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Diverse mix of popular Silver Brands such as Sunshine Minting, IGR, Golden State Mint, Johnson Mathey, Englehard, Asahi, RCM, Amark and many many others.
  • Designs vary, which can add some collectability.
  • Each Silver bar is tested for Silver content and purity.


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Weight 10 oz



10 oz

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