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Chinese Gold Panda

Chinese Gold Panda

Buy Chinese Gold Panda Coins Online

The Chinese Gold Panda Coin is a popular investor and collector coin produced by the Chinese Mint since 1982. The coin’s continued popularity is often considered to be because it includes a new design each year.

Guidance Corporation can help anyone looking to buy Chinese Golden Panda Coins online. While most sites limit you to buying a gold panda coin from the current year or having to choose “random years”, we can help you find any coin regardless of year or weight, even if it’s not listed on our site. When buying from us, you’ll be working with Chinese coin experts who value your investment, and will provide the best service and price possible. Start by looking through our Chinese Gold Panda coins online, and reach out if you want us to help find a specific year.

All gold coin prices are updated in real time, in accordance with current spot prices.

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Gold Panda Coins For Sale

The first gold panda coins were released in 1982, including 99.9% fine gold in 4 different sizes. After initial popularity, a smaller version (1/20 oz) was added to allow more people to invest in the coin.

After seeing high popularity in the late 1980’s, the gold panda coin saw a major resurgence in total production starting in 2011.

As mentioned previously, the Gold Panda coin includes a new design on the reverse side of the coin each year. The one exception is in 2002, when the design was the same as the previous year. Following protests from investors who appreciated the unique designs, the Chinese Mint returned to adding new designs each year. As each year has a different design, coin collectors are often looking for specific years of the gold panda coin for sale. While we won’t have regular inventory of each year, we can help track down any specific design for you.

A few other changes have been included throughout the years, including 5 text changes and a minor design change on the obverse side in 1992.

Chinese Gold Coins

Through 1978, China had not issued any metal coins for investment. Since then, the country has become one of the leading manufacturers of gold bullion and precious metal coins.

While the Chinese Gold Panda is the most well known of its gold coins, the first issued coins were released 3 years prior. These Chinese gold coins marked the 30th Anniversary of the founding of modern China.

The gold panda, as with all Chinese coins, is released with the main intent of promoting Chinese culture worldwide.

Buying Chinese Gold Panda Coins From Guidance Corporation

As a Licensed Coin Dealer with over 35 years in business, we have the connections and expertise to find any gold panda coin you’re searching for. Anyone looking to buy a Chinese Gold Panda can trust us to provide them with the right coin, professional service, and Guaranteed Best Pricing. Be sure to contact us if you want a specific year.

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