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2019 1 oz Platinum American Eagles

2019 1 oz Platinum American Eagles


The 2019 1 oz American Platinum Eagle follows in the steps of the successful American Gold Eagle. The US Mint decided a significant platinum bullion coin was needed in the world market, so in 1996 Congress authorized the popular Platinum Series, each with a legal tender value: 1/10 oz ($10) ¼ oz ($25) ½ oz ($50) and 1 oz ($100).

The most popular with bullion investors is the 1 oz American Platinum Eagle. The 2019 coin carries a $100 face value, the highest to appear on a US coin. The daily price of this platinum bullion coin is determined by its weight, and its legal tender status while largely symbolic, is an added plus being guaranteed by a sovereign country.  Each of these coins will be issued in BU condition from the year 2019.


As America’s official platinum bullion coin, the 1 oz American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coins give investors an easy way to take advantage of platinum as a precious metal investment. Authorized by Congress in 1996 and first issued in 1997, they are the first and only official investment-grade platinum bullion coins from the United States Government. American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coins are part of a complete precious metals portfolio available from the United States Mint. The American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin is the only one whose weight and content are .9995 purity are guaranteed by the United States Government..

The regular production of the American Platinum Eagle 1 oz bullion coins offers a number of advantages: (1) Because the Platinum Eagle is minted and guaranteed as to weight and purity by the US Mint it is recognized as a world standard. This allows dealers to post daily buy and sell prices on these brilliant uncirculated coins which follow the world price of platinum. (2) The premium over spot is low on the American Eagle so investors get a better deal. (3) The American Eagle is a pure platinum coin so figuring value is easy.

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