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2021 – Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf – 1 oz

2021 – Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf – 1 oz


The 2021 Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf continues its long history of being one of the most sought after platinum coins in the market.  As typical each year, these are projected to sell out quick and become highly valued by collectors across the globe.  Each bullion coin features a textured maple leaf security privy mark, micro-engraved with laser technology and is visible only under magnification. Etched within the maple leaf security mark are the two digits indicating the coin’s production year. Each micro-engraving is encoded, scanned and recorded at the mint for future authentication giving each coin their unique Bullion DNA.

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Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf coins were once available with a wide range of fractional-ounce coins. In addition to the long-running 1 oz platinum coin, the Platinum Maple Leaf Coins were issued with 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz coins from 1988 to 2002. From 1993 to 2002, a 1/20 oz coin was also available. In 1994, the Royal Canadian Mint offered a 1/15 oz coin as well to mark the 15th anniversary of the Canadian Maple Leaf Series. Today, though, only a 1 oz platinum coin is produced.

Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf coins have the new security features that the Royal Canadian Mint uses on its major bullion coins. This includes radial lines in the background field of both the obverse and reverse side, with a laser-engraved maple leaf privy mark on the reverse that includes the final two digits of the date mark as 21.

On the obverse of the 2021 Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coins is Susanna Blunts fourth-generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The design features the Queen in right-profile relief with no crown showcased on her head.

The reverse of 2021 1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coins features the sugar maple leaf. This design was first created in 1979 by Walter Ott for the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin. It now features on all metallic versions of the Maple Leaf and remains unchanged over the last four decades.

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