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10 Guilders Netherlands Gold Coin – Varied Year

10 Guilders Netherlands Gold Coin – Varied Year


The Guilder was the official national currency of the Netherlands for over 300 years, surviving wartime occupations and countless monarchs before it was abolished with the formation of the European Union and the common currency known as the Euro.

Coin Highlights:

  • Gold Guilders struck from 1818-1853 and 1875-1933!
  • Minted by the Dutch Royal Mint in Utrecht!
  • Contains .1947 Troy oz of actual gold content in circulated condition.
  • The face value of 10 Guilders was fully backed by the Netherlands.
  • On the obverse is a bust of the reigning monarch matching the date of issue.
  • The reverse includes the crowned Royal Arms of Holland.

Guilder coins were first issued by the Netherlands and Kingdom of Holland in 1680 as the national currency. At that point in history, the kingdom issued the guilder only as a silver coin. It wasnt until 1818 that gold guilders were issued by the kingdom. The mintage history of guilder coins in gold ran from 1818 to 1853, and then from 1875 until 1933 and the onset of a severe economic crisis.

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The coins may feature a different reigning monarch on the coins obverse based upon the ruler holding the title of King or Queen of the Netherlands. The coins are issued in grades ranging from XF-BU based on our inventory at the time of purchase. The most common design is that of Queen Wilhelmina whose reign of 58 years as Queen of the Netherlands was the longest of any Dutch monarch.

On the obverse of these 10 Guilders Gold Coins you’ll find a bust of the ruling monarch. As mentioned, the most common specimens available today have one of the four portraits of Queen Wilhelmina issued during her reign from 1890 to 1948. It is, however, possible that the images of three other monarchs could feature on the obverse.

Among those possible busts are Wilhelminas predecessors. Her father King William III ruled from 1849 until his own death in 1890. Her grandfather King William II ruled briefly from 1840 until 1849, and her great-grandfather King William I ruled from 1815 until 1840. William I was the first King of the Netherlands but had ruled previously as Prince of Nassau-Orange-Fulda from 1803 to 1806 and Prince of Orange-Nassau from 1806 to 1815 before the formation of the kingdom.

The reverse of all 10 Guilders Gold Coins features the crowned Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Netherlands. There is a face value engraving on either side of the crowned arms and the year of issue is listed on the bottom.

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.1947 oz

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