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Mexican Gold Peso – 6 Coin Bundle – Varied Year (BU)

Mexican Gold Peso – 6 Coin Bundle – Varied Year (BU)


Own or gift all 6 of the popular Gold Mexican Peso coins in this incredible set!  Each coin is in Beautiful Uncirculated (BU) condition and comes with varied dates based on our availability at the time of order.

  • Included 6 coins (50 Peso, 20 Peso, 10 Peso, 5 Peso, 2.5 Peso and 2 Peso).
  • Coins are varied date, based on availability.
  • Beautiful Uncirculated (BU) Condition
  • Total pure gold content is 2.1581 troy ounces.
  • Coins are shipped in protective flips.

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Each of the Mexican Gold coins in this set comes from a random year of issue.  Your particular coins will be chosen based upon current availability when your payment is processed and the coin is selected for shipping. If you’re looking for a specific year, we may be able to help you if you fill out our Find Your Coin form.

The centerpiece of the bundle is the popular 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin, also known as the gold Centenario. This coin was issued to celebrate 100 years of Mexican independence from Spanish colonial rule, first released in 1921. The coins were issued regularly from 1921 to 1931, with production restarting in 1943 to meet the rising demand for gold coins.

The next coin is the 20 Peso Mexican Gold Coin. The obverse of the coin includes the Aztec Calendar stone, a historic piece of Mexican culture which was used as an astrological guide. The stone’s design has stunning levels of detail, including a replica of the face of Tonatiuh (Sun God) at the stone’s center.

The 10 Peso Coin features Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, one of Mexico’s greatest heroes, on the obverse. The edge of the coin denotes the 10 peso denomination and year minted. Originally a pastor, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla helped to lead an army of civilians into battle during Mexico’s War for Independence over Spain. He would ultimately die a martyr’s death in front of an execution squad. From his noble profile to the warm expression on his face, great care has been taken to provide an accurate portrayal of this significant historical figure.

The artwork featured on the 5 Peso coin is known for its respect of Mexico’s cultural heritage. Like the 10 peso coin, this Mexican gold coin includes Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla on the obverse.

The 2.50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin was originally released in 1918 by the acclaimed Banco De Mexico and would go on to enjoy a 30 year mintage period. Each 2.50 Peso has been skillfully crafted from 0.0603 troy oz of gold and includes .900 pure gold content. Individual pieces measure 15.5 mm in diameter and 9 mm in width.

Last is the 2 Peso Mexican Gold Coin, which began production by the Mexican Mint during the early 1900s. The coin contains just .0482 troy ounces of pure gold, with a face value of 2 Pesos and 90% pure gold.


The Mexican Mint is the oldest mint in North America, and this 6-piece Mexican Gold Coin bundle is one of the best ways to own a piece of World Gold history. Despite being just .900 gold content, investors and collectors choose Mexican gold for its history and culturally-relevant designs.

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