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Denmark 20 Kroner Gold 1873-1900 Christian IX (varied year)

Denmark 20 Kroner Gold 1873-1900 Christian IX (varied year)


The Danish 20 Kroner gold coin depicts King Christian IX – ruler of Denmark from 1863 to 1906. This gold coin was produced 10 years after his coronation, running from 1873 to 1900, and is often nicknamed the ‘Mermaid Coin’.

The coin is .900 fineness gold (90% gold purity) as per the common Latin Monetary Union standards at the time in Europe. The dimensions of the coin make the 20 Kroner slightly larger than a British gold Sovereign.

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The obverse of the coin features the King facing right, with the lettering CHRISTIAN IX – KONGE AF DANMARK -1873 CS. The CS initials refer to Diderik Christian Andreas Svendsen; Coin Master at the mint in Copenhagen. A second set of initials can be found at the base of the King’s neck. This reads HC, which refers to the engraver Harald Conradsen.

The reverse side of the gold coin features Dania – the Latin for Denmark and a reference to the Germanic ‘Dani’ tribe that occupied the country in the Iron Age and Viking Age. 20 KRONER appears at the top of the coin, with a resting Dania below. In her right hand is a sceptre, while her left arm rests atop a shield with the Danish coat of arms on. A dolphin or porpoise is splashing at her feet, referring to Denmark’s affinity with the sea and its naval activities, while the corn behind her seat refers to the crop then being Denmark’s main export.

This coin is produced in medal alignment, so both sides match on a 180 degrees rotation of the coin.

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