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British Sovereign

Buy British Sovereign Gold Coins Online

The British Sovereign gold coin is one of the first gold coins released by Britain, having existed for hundreds of years. British sovereign coins since 1817 feature St. George battling a dragon, though many variations of the coin exist.

If you’re looking to buy British Sovereign Gold Coins online, Guidance Corporation can help. We can help you find any British Sovereign coin regardless of year or weight, even if it’s not listed on our site. When buying from Guidance Corporation, you’ll be working with British coin experts who value your investment, and work hard to provide you with the best service and price possible. Start by looking through our British Sovereign coins online, and contact us if you want help finding a specific coin.

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British Sovereign Gold Coins For Sale

Coin collectors are especially interested in British coins because of their rich history. Having initially been released as a new form of money, the British Sovereign gold coin has seen many changes throughout the years. Among other changes, early Sovereign coins would change based on the active monarchs.

After 200 years of inactivity, Sovereigns were minted again in 1817 as a new form of currency.

Sovereign gold coins prior to 1979 didn’t include the same level of purity as today’s gold bullion from around the world, which makes British Sovereigns sell for less money than you would expect for antique gold coins.

Finally in 1979, the Gold Sovereign was issued as a bullion coin along with proof coins. These coins hold a face value of 1 Pound Sterling.

British Gold Coins

A wide variety of British coins are in circulation, as the Gold Sovereign is not the main offering of the British Royal Mint. That title would go to the British Gold Britannia Coin, which is the official gold bullion of the country.

The Royal Mint also includes a new series called the Queen’s Beast Collection. This series began in 2016, and will continue through 2021.

Buying British Sovereign Coins From Guidance Corporation

Guidance Corporation is a Licensed Coin Dealer with over 35 years of experience buying and selling British coins like the British Sovereign gold coin. Anyone looking to buy a British Sovereign can trust us to provide them with a great coin, professional service, and Guaranteed Best Pricing. Be sure to contact us if you want us to find a specific coin for you.