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Great Britain Gold Sovereign King Edward VII (1902-1910)

Great Britain Gold Sovereign King Edward VII (1902-1910)


Edward VII Gold Sovereigns are considered by many to be one of the most popular gold bullion coins. The Edward VII Sovereigns were minted from 1902 – 1910 throughout Europe and the commonwealth.  Coins are issued in AU-BU Condition.

Great Britain Gold Sovereign coins have been issued in the modern era since 1817. The Great Recoinage of 1816 resulted in the reintroduction of the gold sovereign coinage for the first time in more than two centuries and the coins remain available from the Royal Mint to investors and collectors today.

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The 1902-1910 Edward VII Gold Full Sovereign weighs 7.98g of .917 purity gold, is 22.05 mm in diameter and 1.56 mm thick. On the obverse side we see a portrait of King Edward VII facing right (Queen Victoria was facing left),and around him the inscriptions “EDWARDVS VII D: G: BRITT: OMN: REX F: D: IND: IMP”

On the reverse we find Pistrucci’s all- time classic design of St. George killing the Dragon, suggested by the artist himself as a suitable motif to celebrate Britain’s victory over Napoleon’s army in the battle of Waterloo. The date of issue is also inscribed on this reverse side.

History of Sovereign Edward VII

Edward VII Gold Full Sovereigns were first struck in 1902 after a Royal proclamation was issued on December 10th, 1901. Keeping the traditional image of Saint George slaying the Dragon, the coins were minted up to the King’s death in 1910. The Sovereigns of this period were struck in the Royal Mint in London and in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in Australia. Each coin bears a mintmark to indicate their origin. Almost half a century before, it had been decided that it would be easier to refine the gold and turn it into coins at source, rather than transport it to London, so the British government first awarded the task to Sydney which began issuing coins in 1855. Australian issued Sovereigns are the rarest and most sought after by collectors.

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