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5 Russian Roubles – Nicholas II Gold Coin BU (1897-1911)

5 Russian Roubles – Nicholas II Gold Coin BU (1897-1911)


The 5 Roubles Russia Nicholas II Gold Coin comes in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition, issued between the years of 1894-1911.  Each coin will have a random year based on our available inventory and is made from 90% fine gold.

The obverse features a bust of Nicholas II, the final emperor of Russia from 1894-1917. Inscriptions include his title written in Russian.  The reverse displays the Russian Federation Coat of Arms along with the denomination and year of minting

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The Russian Rouble, or ruble, is one of the oldest national currencies known to the modern world. The Pound sterling of Britain is the only currency used for a longer period of time by one nation. Russian territories have used the Rouble since the 13th century, with the 5 Rouble Gold Coin a popular issue during the days of the Russian Empire. The 5 Rouble Gold Coins available here today originated in Russia and feature designs from the time period of the Russian Empire.

While the Russia that most know today is still a massive country in terms of territory, it was actually much larger once. These 5 Rouble Gold Coins come from the period of the Russian Empire which lasted from 1721 to 1917. At its peak, the Russian Empire stretched from the Arctic Sea to the Black Sea north and south, and the Baltic Sea to Alaska on the North American continent from west to east.

The Russian Empire was ruled by the House of Romanov throughout its reign, with Nicholas II serving as the final Emperor of Russia from 1894 to 1917 when the Russian Revolution brought about the rise of the Soviet Union. 5 Rouble Gold Coins of the era were issued by the St. Petersburg Mint depicted Nicholas II from 1897 following his coronation in 1896, to 1911 and the eve of World War II.

On the obverse of these 5 Rouble gold coins for sale, you’ll find the left-profile portrait of Tsar Nicholas II. This simple design includes a clean bust of his face and inscriptions of his name and the empire. Nicholas II endured a disastrous reign as the Emperor of Russia. Under his guidance, the empires economy collapsed and it suffered a string of disastrous military defeats, including the loss of the Russo-Japanese War.

The reverse depicts the imperial eagle of Russia. This ornate design features the national shield in the center with a two-headed eagle clutching items of significance to the empire in its talons. The top of the design depicts a crown that rests on the heads of both birds.


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