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Denmark 20 Kroner Gold 1913-1917 Christian X

Denmark 20 Kroner Gold 1913-1917 Christian X


The 20 Kroner Christian X gold coin was minted by the Danish government between 1913 and 1917. It is quite a limited period of minting therefore these Danish coins are characterized by a scarce mintage. Other Danish kings illustrated on the 20 Kroner gold coins are Christian IX. and Frederik VIII. King Christian X. was the last one to complete the series. The 20 Kroner Christian X gold coin weighs 8.06 grams of pure gold which could also be expressed as 0.2592 troy ounces of gold. These Danish coins are available in 90.00% purity and have a diameter of 23 mm. A 20 Kroner Christian X gold coin has the weight of pure gold plus the weight of the alloy reaching a total of 8.96 grams.

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The obverse of the 20 Kroner Christian X gold coin features the portrait of Christian X, eldest son of King Frederik III. and one of the most appreciated and beloved Danish kings. His portrait is facing right. He was the king that ruled Denmark through both World Wars, reigning from 1912 until 1947. It is also known under the name of the “Equestrian King” because during World War II he opposed the Nazi occupation, a fact that led to his house arrest. However, this opposition was what made the Danish nation so strong. The head side of a 20 Kroner Christian X gold coin has also inscribed the name of this beloved monarch “CHRISTIAN X KONGE AF DANMARK”.

The reverse of a 20 Kroner Christian X gold coin depicts the Danish coat of arms which is a common tail side to all the three Danish kings gold coins. At the bottom of the coin is inscribed the denomination “20 KRONER” and the minting year. The little heart engraved designates the Copenhagen Mint.

Compared with the British Sovereigns which are very popular, the 20 Kroner Christian X gold coin is just a little bit larger than these so well-known coins. As a consequence their price is also situated on an appropriate level. For the moment being, the Danish gold coins with a 20 Kroner denomination have a price only slighter higher which is determined by their advantage in weight. However, the Danish coins are scarcer in mintage than the British gold coins so they surely would be appropriately valued in the future. So it is possible for a 20 Kroner Christian X gold coin to become very profitable in the next years for collectors and investors owning such a coin.

It is estimated that only 3.7 million gold coins bearing the portrait of King Christian X with denomination of 20 Kroner were minted. And from these coins we must also take into consideration that many were lost and destroyed, so it is extremely hard to find 20 Kroner Christian X. gold coins.

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