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2017 Mexican Mint 1 Kilo Silver Aztec Calendar Coin – Antiqued Finish With Gift Box

2017 Mexican Mint 1 Kilo Silver Aztec Calendar Coin – Antiqued Finish With Gift Box


The first-ever Antiqued Finish Aztec Calendar Silver Coin from Banco de México to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Mexican Mint Kilo Silver Coin Offerings.  This Coin has a stunning design of the Aztec Calendar Sun Stone in spectacular detail. This coin has a legal tender of $100 and has a limited worldwide mintage of 1,000 coins. For any collector of Mexican Mint Coins, Silver Coins or Kilo Coins, this is the ultimate addition to your collection and truly the Gem that will increase in value over time.

  • Contains 1 kilo (32.15 oz) of .999 fine Silver.
  • Includes a gorgeous custom made wooden box to display the beautiful coin with magnetic lid
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
  • Includes Sterling Silver Pendent
  • Includes Aztec Reference Sheet
  • Limited mintage of 1,000 coins.
  • Obverse: Sculptural relief of the National Shield, encompassed by the legend “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” (United Mexican States) and surrounded by different national coats of arms used throughout Mexico’s history.
  • Reverse: Aztec calendar design, Casa de Moneda de México mintmark, face value followed by the year of minting and the legend “1 kg Plata Pura Ley .999” (1 kg Pure Silver Fineness .999).
  • Guaranteed by Banco de México

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A Silver Kilo coin was first released in 2007, displaying a beautiful design of the Aztec Calendar. The Aztec Calendar design originates from the calendar system that was used by the Aztecs, consisting of a 365 day calendar cycle, and a 260 day ritual cycle. These two cycles combine together to form a 52 year century. The 365 day calendar cycle is known as “xiuhpohualli”, or the “counting of the years”, based on the solar cycle. This calendar was divided into 18 groups of 20 days each. The 260 day ritual cycle, known as “tonalpohualli”, or the “counting of the days”, was most likely based on astronomy. This calendar cycle was broken into units of 20 days, and ran simultaneously with a group of 13 numbered days. The Aztec calendar stone that displays this calendar system also has the face of the Aztec sun god, Tonatiuh, in the center of the stone, surrounded by four square panels honoring previous ages of the world.

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