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$20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin – NGC/PCGS MS-64 (1850-1907)

$20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin – NGC/PCGS MS-64 (1850-1907)


Own a piece of American history with the $20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin, graded MS-64 by NGC/PCGS. Minted between 1850 and 1907, these exquisite gold coins are a testament to the nation’s past and a coveted item for collectors and investors. With limited availability and significant historical value, each coin is a rare treasure that brings a piece of history right into your hands.

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The $20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin represents not just a significant piece of American numismatic history, but also a remarkable investment opportunity. Graded MS-64 by NGC/PCGS, these coins are a symbol of America’s golden era, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains .9675 oz of pure Gold, encapsulating nearly an ounce of value and history.
  • Each coin is protected in individual packaging, ensuring its preservation and quality.
  • Struck in Very Fine condition, these coins display detailed artistry, despite the wear from circulation, highlighting the skill of their creators and the passage of time.
  • The obverse features Liberty, encircled by 13 stars, embodying the spirit and freedom of America.
  • The reverse is adorned with a heraldic eagle, a symbol of strength and unity, with “United States of America” and the denomination proudly declared.
  • Designed by the renowned James B. Longacre and minted across several historic U.S. mints.

Historical Significance:

The $20 Liberty Double Eagle is more than a coin; it’s a piece of pre-1933 gold that has survived significant historical events, including the 1933 Gold Recall. This act transformed these coins from common currency to rare collectibles, making them highly sought after by both collectors and investors.

With a limited supply due to the U.S. Treasury’s actions during the Great Depression, these coins are not just rare; they’re a tangible connection to America’s rich history. From changes in design to surviving federal recalls, each coin tells a story of resilience, beauty, and the evolution of American currency.

A Timeless Investment:

Investing in a $20 Liberty Double Eagle Gold Coin is not just about owning gold; it’s about holding a piece of history. Each coin is a testament to America’s past, offering diversity and significance to any collection or investment portfolio. With their beauty, historical value, and the prestige of NGC/PCGS grading, these coins are an essential acquisition for anyone passionate about American history or the value of gold.

Secure your piece of American heritage today and invest in a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

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