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1 Kilo Platinum Bar – Random Mint – With Assay

1 Kilo Platinum Bar – Random Mint – With Assay


Contains 1 Kilo of .9995 pure platinum from an accredited LBMA approved Suisse mint of our choice (such as Valcambi, Argor-Hereaus, Pamp or Credit Suisse) with an Assay Card. Each bar will have a unique serial number for security and authenticity. Please note that bars will be sent in new condition from a random mint based on our inventory at the time of purchase.


  • Ships individually with Assay
  • Comes in varied styles
  • Contains 1 Kilo of .9995 pure platinum.
  • Obverse and reverse visuals vary by the bar and mint of origin.
  • Please note that you could receive bars with the same designs when you buy multiples.

75 in stock

Additional discount of $50.00 per Monster Box applied at checkout for purchases of 1500 oz or more. We will also provide further discounts for purchases above 100 oz of Gold or Platinum, please call 1-800-526-7765 for details. We will beat any competitor's price!


Platinum is one of the rarest and most expensive precious metals on earth. In its natural form, it is fairly impure as it contains small amounts of other elements and is often found in jewlery. However, its primary use is in catalytic converters for cars, buses and trucks. It is also used for making optical fiber’s and LCDs, spark plugs, pacemakers, turbine blades and dental fillings, among other things. This element is commonly found in alluvial deposits, and the majority of commercially produced platinum originates from South Africa.

Platinum is a metal classified within the platinum group of metals and occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust in six different isotopes. Platinum is classified as one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust as well. When compared to the known availability of gold and silver, platinum has one-tenth the supply of gold and 1/100th the supply of silver.

Obverse and reverse visuals on these 1 Kilo Platinum Bars will vary by the specific bar program and the mint of origin. Some bars may have neatly engraved designs on the obverse and reverse, while others may have simple, stamped inscriptions on just one side. Please note that any images associated with this listing are for example purposes only and not a guarantee of the items you may receive.

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