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2009 1 oz Chinese Gold Panda (BU)

2009 1 oz Chinese Gold Panda (BU)


Although loved by many, pandas are pretty isolated in the animal kingdom. Pandas usually just stick with other pandas and don’t really interact with other animals. Pandas also do not have many predators so living a life of bamboo eating is what awaits a panda cub. The People’s Republic of China started their ever-popular Chinese Panda bullion series many years and its popularity is only increasing. Each year, a new gold coin is released and features a different panda design than from the year before. This factor alone is the reason why so many coin collectors and investors seek after the Chinese Gold Panda series. Each coin is also finished with a flawless brilliant uncirculated strike that makes this series stand out against other BU coins.

When one thinks of China, the Temple of Heaven is usually what comes to mind. This famous complex of religious buildings has been a part of China’s history for many years and has inspired many architectural ideas since. The incredible detail of these buildings is portrayed on the obverse of the 2009 gold coin. The People’s Republic of China also makes its mark in Chinese symbols above the temple. The Chinese Gold Panda series is the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion and wish someone good luck on their next venture!

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As a native of the mountainous regions of central China, the Panda Bear is universally loved. Their herbivorous non-threatening nature, unique look, and playfulness all contribute to the perception of an extremely amiable, easy-going, and fun creature. It is no wonder that the Panda has been the feature of China’s bullion productions since its initial conception in 1982. Since then, the Panda has gone on to be globally recognized as an established, trustworthy, and highly liquid investment. With a dynamic and ever-changing reverse design, the Panda is a collector item as much as it is an investment!

Coin Highlights
-One ounce of .999 pure gold
-Brilliant Uncirculated condition with proof-like features
-Packaged in plastic pouch
-Obverse: The Temple of Heaven is pictured, alongside the coin’s date of mintage.
-Reverse: Two hungry panda cubs are both sitting up and eagerly eating their bamboo. They sit in front of a sea of bamboo leaves, the bamboo symbolizing prosperity and abundance. The coin’s denomination of 10 yuan and its weight/purity are also written below the bears.

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1 oz

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