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10 Francs Swiss Helvetia – 1911-1922 – Random Year

10 Francs Swiss Helvetia – 1911-1922 – Random Year


Minted in the late 19th century these Swiss Gold 10 Francs have been enjoyed throughout the world as collector’s items.  The Swiss franc remains the official currency and legal tender of Switzerland, but the history of the franc denomination in this country includes many changes. Among the most popular gold coins issued in this denomination is the Helvetia design, also known as the Vreneli range.

Coin Features

  • Composed of .900 fine gold
  • Actual Gold Weight of .0933
  • Coins selected at random based on availability
  • Obverse: Features the bust of Vreneli in front of Swiss Alps along with the inscriptions “Helvetia” and “F. Landry”
  • Reverse: Displays the Swiss Cross and “10 FR”

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The Swiss Gold 10 Franc Vreneli was produced from 1911-1922, although none were actually issued from 1917-1921. Vreneli is the diminutive of Verena, who is the personification of Switzerland. The name ‘Helvetia’ dates back to Roman times when it was the term for the original inhabitants of what is now Switzerland. The 10 Francs Vreneli is much rarer than its 20 Francs counterpart. It is composed of .900 fine gold, meaning it is alloyed with a small amount of copper which adds to its durability. The coin was engraved by Fritz Ulysse Landry.

The obverse of the 10 Francs Swiss Vreneli depicts the bust of a young woman (Vreneli). The Swiss Miss has a bridal hairstyle and a collar decorated with Edelweiss. Behind her appear the majestic Swiss Alps. The top of the coin features the inscription “HELVETIA” and at the bottom left, the engraver’s signature “F. LANDRY.” The reverse features the Swiss Cross in front of a starburst and “10 FR” in the middle, and a wreath at the bottom. At the bottom, the date and mint mark B (Bern) appear. The year of the coin varies on our current inventory and is completely random.

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