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Rare Coin Collections

Rare Coin Collections

Buy Rare Coins Online

If you’re looking to buy rare coins online, Guidance Corporation can help you find whatever you’re looking for. As a bullion and rare coin dealer, we have a good variety of rare coin collections that are always available for purchase. Beyond what’s listed here, we have the connections to track down any coin you have your eye on, even those not listed on our site.

With Guidance Corporation, you’ll work directly with rare coin dealers who work to provide you with the best service and price possible. Start by browsing our available old and rare coin collections below, and reach out to us with any questions or requests.

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Custom Rare Coin Sets

We will also create gold and silver coin sets with any mix of denominations and designs. For requests, either call us at 1-800-526-7765, or contact us online.

Collecting Rare Coins

Rare coins collecting is a hobby that has existed for many years, offering both practical and intrinsic values.

Old coins and currency have a vast history, and often represent cultural values learned through major world events such as wars. Rare coins also hold monetary value, and depict an account of history through precious metals that will tell a story for millennia to come.

While some people collect for historic value, others will collect rare coins as an investment. Like collecting gold bullion and silver coins, rare coins will generally hold their value. The older coins get and the more get lost and unrecoverable, the higher the demand and value will be for antique coins.

We also have convenient sets designed to help people get started in coin collecting. Check out our Starter Kits above for a good start of rare coins.

Buy Rare Coins in Minnesota

Guidance Corporation is a Minnesota-based rare coin dealer with over 35 years of experience dealing coins throughout the country. Anyone in the United States who’s looking to buy a rare coin can trust us to provide them with top-tier service, a great price, and the right coin. Contact us today with any questions about our rare and antique coin collections. We’re always happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, even if it’s not listed on our store!

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