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Raw Silver Bullion
Welcome to our silver bullion page. If this is your first visit, please take a moment and read our How to Order page before giving us a call. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards on bullion orders. All orders must have your confirmation number written on your check and needs to be postmarked within 24 Hours. Please note: Those of you who cannot check order status via E-mail, please call us at 1-800-526-7765.
Prices last updated 1/1/2013 . For the latest prices, please call our toll-free number as prices do fluctuate. Prices based off current spot.

Silver Bars
Size Buy Sell
100 Ounce CALL $3,435.00
10 Ounce CALL $360.00

Silver Round  
Silver Rounds
Size Buy Sell
1 Ounce CALL $34.70

American Eagles Mint Sealed Box
Size Buy Sell
2012 - 500 ct Silver Eagles in Mint Sealed Box CALL 18,200.00

Complete American Silver Eagle Set
Set Sell
Complete 27 Coin US Silver American Eagle Date Set - 1986 - 2012 CALL
Complete 27 Coin US American Silver Eagle Date Set - 1986 - 2012 MS69 NGC CALL

American Eagles & Canadian Maples
Coin Buy Sell
American Silver Eagles 2012 CALL $37.50
Silver Canadian Maple Leaf 2012 CALL $36.00

U.S. Silver Coins (Halves dated 1965 - 1969)
Size Buy Sell
$1000 bags of 40% CALL $10,250.00

U.S. Silver Coins (Pre-1965)
Coin Buy Sell
$1000 bags of 90% CALL $24,600.00
Smaller quantities per $1 face amount CALL $25.50

U.S. Silver Dollars (Pre-1936)
Coin Buy Sell
Dates 1878-1904 CALL $36.00
Dates 1921-1935 CALL $35.50