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40 Franc Charles 10 VF/XF French 1824 - 1830
Price: CALL

Charles X, grandson of Louis XV and brother of Louis XVI and Louis XVIII, took control of the French Empire in 1824. He tried to recreate the absolute monarchy enjoyed by his predecessors before the Revolution. The people of France, however, wanted a monarch who would accept the principles of constitutional and parliamentary government. Charles' abdication on August 4th 1830 put an end to aristocratic control in France It could be said that the minting of the Charles X 20 Franc coin marked the end of absolute aristocratic control in France.
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Historical Events
1824 - Louis XVIII dies and Charles X ascends the throne.
1825 - French law recognizes aristocrats for losses in Revolution.
1829 - Jules Armand de Polignac is appointed Chief Minister.
1830 - Louis-Phillippe is crowned king of France.
40 Franc Specifications
Minted: 1825 - 1830
Weight: .1867 grams
Fineness: .900 Gold
Diameter: 21 mm