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40 Franc Napoleon VF/XF French 1806 - 1913
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Napoleon Bonaparte was considered an outsider even through the eyes of his own followers, yet he led France to it’s greatest period of historic influence. He stands in company of Alexander the Great as two of the most feared military commanders of all time. As a leader Napoleon Bonaparte brought France to unprecedented heights of glory, only to see it all unravel do to his arrogance and hunger for even more power. The French Napoleon 20 and 40 Franc commemorates all of Napoleon Bonaparte’s efforts as a world leader. This beautiful gold coin from the early nineteenth century glorifies the monumental legacy of a man who continues to influence the world to this day.
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Historical Events During Napoleon Bonaparte’s Reign
1797 - Defeated the Piedmontese and Austrians.
1798 - Captured Malta and entered Cairo, defeating the Turks.
1800 - Routed the Austrians at Marengo.
1804 - Assumed the hereditary title of Emperor.
1805 - Attacked the Austrians and Russians gaining victories in Ulm and Austerlitz.
1815 - Returned to France and regained power, but was defeated at Waterloo.
40 Franc Specifications
Minted: 1806 - 1809
Weight: 12.9039 grams
Fineness: .900 Gold
AWG: .3734 mm