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4 Ducat BU Austria 1915
Price: CALL

Francis Joseph stood as the Emperor of Austria for a remarkable sixty-eight years. The Emperor set high standards as he attempted to deal with the empire? complex financial problems, and build Austria? military reputation. In this time he made many mistakes, and lost several battles. However with extreme devotion to his country, he gained the respect of his civil servants and balanced his losses with splendid achievements.
Francis Joseph will be forever respected and remembered by his fellow countrymen. To this day the Austrian Mint releases coins in his memory. The beautiful gold One Ducat and Four Ducat respect all of his ups and downs as Emperor, and will forever commend his efforts.
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Historic Events in the Life of Francis Joseph
1830 - Born August 18th.
1854 - Marries Princess Elizabeth.
1859 - Declares war on Sardinia.
1867 - Becomes King of Hungary.
1882 - Triple Alliance.
1898 - Wife is assassinated.
1914 - Issues ultimatum to Serbia that leads to World War I.
Minted: 1915
Weight: .4438
Fineness: .900 gold
Diameter: 37 mm