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Sovs Kings XF British Sovs 1902 - 1925
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Sovs Kings BU British Sovs 1902 - 1925
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Albert Edward was the second child and eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester were two titles created by his mother and bestowed upon him when he was one month old. In 1863, he married Alexandra, the eldest daughter of Prince Christian (later King Christian IX) of Denmark. Despite being notorious for having extramarital affairs, he had become an icon of sorts in both sporting and social circles. He succeeded to the throne as Edward VII after Victoria’s death in 1901. He restored luster to the monarchy that had largely gone missing during the waning years of Victoria’s reign. Being related to most of Europe’s royalty made Edward VII’s role as an ambassador easier and helped him negotiate crucial alliances for England. An excellent judge of character, he surrounded himself with brilliant military leaders who kept England poised in the years leading up to World War I. day.
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Historic Events during the Life of Edward VII
1841 - Born on November 9 in Buckingham Palace, London.
1861 - His father, Prince Albert, dies of typhoid.
1863 - Marries Alexandra on March 10.
1901 - His mother, Queen Victoria, dies on March 10.
1902 - Edward VII was crowned king on August 9.
1903 - Speeches conducted in French during visit to Paris won him popularity and paved the way for the Anglo-French Entente Cordiale of 1904.
1910 - Died on May 6 in Buckingham Palace, London and buried in Windsor, Berkshire.
Minted: 1902 – 1910
Weight: .2568 troy oz.
Fineness: .916 2/3 gold
Diameter: 22 mm